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OneMedForum January 7-9, 2013 in San Francisco

Written by Anne DeGheest // 29 December 2012 // Conferences,

In addition to the JP Morgan conference, join me at the 6th Annual OneMedForum . It is a gathering of leading investors and management of some of the most promising emerging life science companies in Asia and North America. Through panels, workshops, and up-close programming with top industry leaders, attendees explore strategies for company growth finance with healthcare investors looking for outsized returns.

They have a dedicated track for small, early stage companies seeking seed money to enter the private sector. This year, they will pay special attention to non-traditional financing strategies. You will meet companies across the spectrum — the hottest companies with precedent-setting financing success, companies with industry-altering products just one step away, and the newest technologies spun out into the private sector.

Panels of leading investors and experts will discuss new and radically changing investment opportunities in medical devices and biotechnology, with focused sessions on:

The JOBS Act: Changes to General Solicitation and Leveraging the Internet to Raise Capital
Connected Health: How Mobile Tools Are Changing the Way We Treat Patients
Diagnostics: Biomarkers, Genome Sequencing, and the Death of Reactive Medicine
Crowdfunding: What Role Can It Play in the Continuum of Financing EGCs?
Tech Transfer: Venture Capital Strategy, and Gaining Competitive Advantage
Bootstrap Financing Medical Devices: Device Development ‘On the Cheap’

SPECIAL SESSIONS feature CEOs Unplugged and Hedge Fund Managers Unplugged intimate sessions in which top leaders in our field discuss the industry’s outlook.

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