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Next Boomer Summit March 27-28, 2018
Written by Anne DeGheest // 17 March 2018 // Entrepreneur, Conferences

I’ll be one of the featured speakers at the What’s Next #Boomer Summit in San Francisco, CA. March 27-28 in San Francisco Use my 20% discount code: WH18FOM

Every dissonance of aging is a market opportunity. And the opportunity is GREAT – a trillion dollar market. This session will present the latest consumer and market trends related to health, wellness and telecare. Panelists will look at cardiac health, hearing, vision, bone density, sleep, weight management, pain management and loss of immunity. They will also explore the six growth areas that consumers are interested in when they consume media related to health. Physical wellness is often more important that financial health.

 Moderator: Anne DeGheest, Managing Director and Founder, HealthTech Capital


Adam Heller, Vice President, Ziegler

Jody Holtzman, Senior Managing Partner, Longevity Venture Advisors LLC

Mary Kay, co-founder, myhealthteams

HIMSS 2018 Venture Connect
Written by Anne DeGheest // 04 March 2018 // Entrepreneur, Conferences

Join me at HIMSS Venture Connect next week:

March 7, 2018: 9:40 a.m. – 10:30 a.mL Lidio 3104 

Investor Perspective: The Healthcare Ecosystem

Moderator: Lisa Suennen, GE Ventures
• Lee Shapiro, 7Wire Ventures
• Sumit Kumar Nagpal, FHIMSS, Managing Director, HealthBox, Co - Founder, LumiraDx, Chairman and CEO - CareFully, Inc
• Brian Friedman - First Analysis
• Anne DeGheest, HealthTech Capital

HIMSS 2018
March 5-9, 2018
Ventian Palazzo, Las Vegas

TiE Digital Health Revolution. Investors & Corporate Venture Panel: Opportunities, Trends, and Tips for the Digital Health
Written by Anne DeGheest // 13 August 2017 // Video, Conferences

Watch my panel at TIE 2017 on how a Good VC + a Good Entrepreneur make GREAT Company!
Written by Anne DeGheest // 29 June 2017 // Video, Conferences

TIECon 2017 May 6
Written by Anne DeGheest // 25 April 2017 // Conferences, Š¯ealthTech Capital, HealthTech Capital


Use the discount code TiEPartner  for a  $75 discount off of a 2-day conference pass. Discount codes are valid until April 30th.  

Join us for our entrepreneurship panel, Saturday May 6th at noon
• Steve Schlenker, GP DN capital,  
• Mike Edelhart, MP SocialStarts, 
• Nishith Desai, Founder Nishith Desai Associates.
• Amit Kumar, Accel partners 

Moderator: Anne DeGheest, HealthTech Capital & Medstars

Venture investors say the top 3 key criteria to success in investing is “People, People, People” but what skill sets and personality attributes set successful entrepreneurs apart? Is there a blueprint to entrepreneur success that guarantees an investment decision? Will an “A Team” turn a “B Product” into a winner? Will a B team turn an A idea into a C level product? 

Let’s also turn the tables. How does a founder choose an investor? Will an all-star VC turn a good entrepreneur into a great company?  What are the signs to look for in an investor?? Could the wrong investor destroy what could have been a unicorn? 

What are the characteristics of a Good Entrepreneur? Industry expertise, unique product ideas… Or is it a personality trait like patience, persistence and problem solving…

What is a good VC investor from the entrepreneur view point? Is it the firm’s name or the partner’s track record? What does a good VC bring to the table besides money? Mentorship, strategic direction, connections…
It is my experience that mentoring is essential, not only for the product and strategic direction but for helping build a team that can scale the business... instead of just replacing them at the next stage of growth. 
Join us on May 6 at the TieCon to find out what can make or break a company in this partnership between founders and investors?


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